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Terry Ransbury, BME
Founder & Sr. Executive Advisor



I am a veteran serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in Class II and Class III medical device development. I have filed over 40 US Patents and Patent Applications. My primary responsibilities include new business development, system architecture design, and project management. I am EP Lab Certified and have participated in over 600 human cardiac ablation procedures around the world.

Terry Ransbury, Nocturnal Product Development

KC Armstrong, MSEE
Founder & President



I am a design engineer with over 20 years of experience developing Class II and Class III medical, automotive safety, and Class 4 industrial safety devices. I have implemented extensive circuitry and systems for complex, high-reliability, safety-critical products, and have filed 14 US Patents and Patent Applications. My main focus has been on electrophysiology, neuromodulation, and biophotonics, and my primary responsibilities within Nocturnal are the architecting, design, analysis, and implementation of hardware, embedded software, and optical systems.

KC Armstrong | Nocturnal Product Development

Cinnamon Larson, PhD

Director of Mechanical Engineering



I have over 20 years of product development experience including Class II and Class III medical devices and have designed multiple intravascular implants and catheters for therapy.  My responsibilities include requirements development, industrial design, product ideation and detailed mechanical design.  I am a technical specialist in finite element analysis for failure analysis and design optimization.

Cinnamon Larson Nocturnal Product Development

Dave McMahan, BSEE

Director of Software Development



I am a software engineer with over 30 years of experience in development, sustaining, and customer application development.  
I have worked in industries that include aerospace, Class III medical devices, industrial processing, mobile phones, and GPS integration. I am inventor or co-inventor on six issued US patents. My primary responsibilities include embedded software, software architecture and implementation for complex systems.

Natalie Eagleburger, BSE

Director of Regulatory & Compliance


For over 10 years, I have successfully executed regulatory and compliance strategies for commercialization of Class II and Class III medical devices in the US and worldwide. My primary responsibilities include working cross-functionally to satisfy our ISO 13485-compliant quality system, identifying federal and international regulatory requirements, and building appropriate design documentation for every project to support future commercialization goals.

Natalie Eagleburger Nocturnal Product Development

Eyal Dayan, PMP

VP of Operation & Business Development



I have been leading complex software and hardware projects for over 20 years, developing and delivering projects for the medical, military, telecom and cloud storage industries in Europe, Asia and the USA. I focus on implementing the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure delivery of high-quality systems and products. My primary responsibilities within Nocturnal are project management and business development.

Eyal Dayan Nocturnal Product Development
Dave McMahan Nocturnal Product Development
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